4 out of 5 Korean guys surveyed wearing white lab coats have concluded: “our research indicates that… the bros are fucked.”

“Dim Sum, come look! Bros FUCKED! Sad!”

Society has been taking advantage of the bros for too long; we move all the refrigerators. Chase all the burglars. Fix all the plumbing. Fill in all the potholes. Defuse all the roadside bombs. Invent all the electronics. Pay all the bills. Fuck all the fat chicks. And shoulder all the responsibilities.

Our paycheck matches our attention span. Discipline is a crime. Temptation is shaped like a National Geographic special on yoga pants. FakeNews comes in regular and extra-strength finger-wagging. Social ethics are Rube Goldberg machines disguised as Lotto tickets. Personal sacrifices outweigh social reciprocations. Usefulness is measured in blame. Why fucking bother?

This is what life is like when you’re don’t understand the difference between finding and building. This is what destination harbors for those lost bros who just ‘go with the flow’. This is why we created a dangerous pioneering adventure for fucked up bros who do not wish to continue getting fucked.

Join us, bros…

We’re going to teach you how to FUCK, MAKE, SPEAK, TEST, and ENJOY.

Follow us, bros…

We’re going to teach you the principle of mutual sacrifice to CREATE a society that works for you instead of against you.

Help us, bros…

We’re going to PIONEER from here on. Design versus design. Bro versus mirror. Desire versus necessity. Until motivation and cooperation are the only things left standing.

Even the ubiquitous bro pizza diet can’t overcome this social tragedy.