Join the bros in creating our new society!

We're creating our OWN motherfucking society! Get on board!
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Join the bros in creating our new society!

Post by math » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:13 am

Your monthly dues keep us floating through the universe! And they also help us keep our free ebook updated and sexy. They also entitle you to join our live webcam classes to receive firsthand help learning how to socialize and become comfortable in your own skin.

Of course if you're a homeless cat wrangler, we completely understand. Listen in free of charge! As always, our goal is not to empty out your wallet. Your social education is our number one priority here.

If you have to cancel for any reason, just go to your paypal account, cancel your subscription with us, and you're done! It's that simple and painless.

Also, we give a free gift to every visitor who asks for one:

math is ALWAYS worth what you pay for learning it. Once you learn something, the moment it FINALLY makes sense, it can NO LONGER be denied.....



Poor nigger fee $7/day:

Rich nigger fee $14/day:
If you can't join, but you'd still like to contribute to helping guys around the world unfuck themselves, consider donating to the cause :D
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